Catherine Gordon

Collected works of Australian artist Catherine Gordon


Mistaken Island

The Operational Area for the 1st Australian Task Force, 1967

Cheynes Beach

The approach to Broad Peak Base Camp from Rawalpindi

Blue Lagoon

RAF Station Dallachy

Silver Day

Gunthas Hyde Park

The Romagna 1377

The approach to Mount Everest Base Camp from Kathmandu

Dancing Maleluecas

Lights Beach Morning



Station and Squadron Organisation

Lights Beach Study

Bushfire, Mt Clarence

Strike at Orsta Fiord


Eagle’s Nest, Back Beach

The Hillary Step


Weed Child

Walpole Dunes

River Mouth

Red Capped Plover

The approach to Gauri Shanka (Tseringma) base camp from Kathmandu

The White Sherpas Story

Shifting Channels

Strike Formation

Parry Beach Channels

Soon She Breaks

455 Squadron Russian expedition

Irwin Glass-Off

Inlet Sands

Denmark Bridge

Forde Fiord strike

Hay River West

Hay River East

The climbing route from Broad Peak Base Camp to the summit

Hay River

High Water

Nanarup Rhythm 3

Sectors Inset

Nanarup Rhythm 2

Strike at Den Helder

Nanarup Rhythm